World Video Govern Net 
  2014   Facebook & YouTube fusion   
World Media Control 
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YouTube as World Govern Net
It's just very common mislead that Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. Facebook is not invention. It's the Coca Cola between cola drinks. What Coca-Cola took over a century (1886)  has passed Facebook for 5-6 years (2004). The reason? Urgent need to control world population over the Internet > WorldMediaControl. 
Mark Zuckerberg, refused to control Facebook.
 Mark Zuckerberg is not inventor of social network
What happened in 2014, the tenth anniversary of Facebook, is not our story about. We look ahead. We don't look back in anger!
As The Present & Future belongs to Mankind. Not The Past. Past is for revenge mostly.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. (Native American Proverb) 
Where my homeland disappeared by Oleg Makara
OLEG (OLO) MAKARA - author former ČSSR citizen
"What happened in the year 2014, the tenth anniversary of Facebook, when the rocket SS44s started, is not our story  and is not what is going about..." 
 Outtakes from the script (I/II):
"The Past is for the revenge mostly..."
" more exact: The DNA, The Present and The Future belong to the people. But DNA is biological not cultural man history, for first and foremost..." proclaimed  in his not prefect English Gelo Arakam  
Outtakes from the script (II/II)
"It seems there was no sufficient lecture in ManStory, HisStory. 
A man learned nothing from history again and again, 
doing the same thing over and over. Why do we have 
expect different results this time?! 
Now when planet Earth finally disappeared we can start from the very beginning,
Looking ahead! 
Not looking back in anger! Let´s forgive the Past! " 

Gelo Arakam 
commander SS44S
in the year 2048 
i.e. 44 years AfterFacebook
"Did you mean still doing the same mistakes?" 

interrupted his long monologue 
"No. I said what I meant and want to! Still Doing the same thing, by learning from history.
Albert Einstein said: We can't expect different results by doing the some thing over and over again. It was in 1924. Now we have 44 years AF!"

continued Gelo in his bad English, 
as the bad English was the best thing that connected the world before 10 AF
when the planet Earth finally disappeared. 
"To learn from history is bad? Wow! 
This seems to be a mistake for you? 
We have to learn from the future than? May be." 
PH friend of Macella

replied P.H.
in his bad English, as the bad English was the best thing that connected the world before 44AFwhen the planet Earth finally disappeared.. 
"Yes, I think so! We have no change to change something other ways. We do the some mistakes. Lectures from history does not exist. It is not given to man to learn form history. There is no cultural continuity but DNA. Present and Future is ours, Present and Future belong to us!"
 persists firmly Gelo Arakam. 
Doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
Robiť tú istú vec znova a znova a očakávať iné výsledky.

The biggest lesson from history is that mankind will never learn from the history.

Najväčšie poučenie z histórie je, že ľudstvo sa nikdy nepoučí z histórie!

Je to iba veľmi rozšírený omyl, že Mark Zuckerberg vynašiel Facebook. Facebook nie je vynález. Je to Coca Cola medzi kolovými nápojmi. To čo Coca Cole trvalo vyše jedno storočie (od roku 1886) Facebook ubehol za 5-6 rokov (od roku 2004). Dôvod? Potreba kontroly sveta cez Internet - WorldMediaControl. A Mark Zuckerbrg to odmietol. Aspoň zatiaľ. Čo sa stalo roku 2014 na 10. výročie Facebooku nás nezaujíma. 
Hľadíme iba dopredu, neobzeráme sa. Lebo minulosť ľudstvu neprospieva. 
Najväčšie poučenie z minulosti je, že sa ľudstvo nikdy nepoučilo z minulosti!
A pohľad späť najčastejšie slúži na revanš a pomstu... 
Ľudstvu patrí budúcnosť."