Application for permission to recover The Planet Earth  
 to Whom It May Concern
   From: crew of Space Shuttle SS44s 
             Place: space station UN 001  
22.May 2048
 A rocked named DESIRE 
Undersigned hereby submit an application for a permit to recover planet Earth for the following reasons: 
1. Between years 2014-2048 planet Earth disappeared. 
2. Secret ballot's record to the answer recover or not to recover planet Earth is 7:1:2 (YES:MAYBE:NO). According to given quorum it implies YES.
To be noted: Causes and circumstances of planet Earth's disappearance, at least basic information (e.g. YouTube*), were not given to the undersigned. Applicants' protest against this information embargo was ignored. Therefore application is elaborated on biased and inaccurate human memories and considerations only. Since signatories, all of them, consider access to information a fundamental human right, al of them restart their hunger strike. The vote record: 10:0:0 (YES:MAYBE:NO) 
Detailed justification.
A) Undersigned and listed down testify hereby that Planet Earth was really extraordinarily beautiful planet.
B) * It must consider again whether the databases (e.g. YouTube*) are valuable repositories of information about Mankind (Humanity) or a sewer of human desires, unfulfilled destinies and lies only. The vote record on this matter was 4:2:4 (YES:MAYBE:NO). According to a quorum adopted by applicants, this applies a need to re-vote...(more for fans & on request only HERE)

Signatories: 1.) Gelo Arakam, I.captain SS44s' crew; 2.) George Freeman, II. captain; 3.) Ad Feurak programmer; 4.) Rebe...
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Space Shuttle SS44s

UN space station 001
nicknamed UN-NAMED 

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