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  Oleg Makkara-Kalmáry
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Oleg Makkara-Kalmáry : Red Black Hole, Gabrioletta Gonvertabiie DC I & DC 4 Generallisimus StalinGarel Kott, PP
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 Black hole

 Is black hole red as all black boxes are? 
www.The Angry13.com
They on M7 know! & U?

Jurij Gagarin  

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin - first man 
in space ever reportedly said...

  " I don't know, was I frist man or first dog in space!? "
What he want realy to say? 
Komár Mosquito

Translation "Mosquito" into russian is      Komar "... 

The name of best friend of Y. Gagarin was Vladimir  Komarov
What does it symbolize? 

Tom Stoppard
Tom Stoppard
born in Czecholavakia

80 + 1
Tom Stoppard: Brexit is too big for the stage - The Guardian

English premiere 
in London 
3. July 2018
Roman L. Karmen
soviet Leni Reifenstahl?

Ludovit Feld
Picture shoot by Roman L. Karmen. 
Child in circle is painter Ľudovit Feld. 

Both, R. Karmen & L. Feld, taught author of The Angry 13 Oleg Makara (more on WikipediA).
Was Karmen the soviet Leni ?
Riefenstahl? Name of Stalin is from russian  Сталин - сталь - steel and V.I.LenIn is to belong to Lena (river)?

Sceensaver Havel & Mandale

Sun 1
H &


Who will be nexT?
H or
 PPF    WHO iS PPF?  Who is PP and whai is F?
They on M7 know! & U? 
Franklin, Darwin, Boldwin, Puškin, Rasputin, Lenin, Stalin, Solženicin what they had in comon? iN?
They on M7 know! & U?
LUXURY & SEX on the iSS44
Godzilla, Gorilla,Gorila
Moja Gorila - comprobyt
Že človek požíva 1Otkovú sústavu, lebo má 1O prstov, 
je pravda ako o arfordiziaku z nosa nosorožca! Lebo je tvrdý a stojí! 


Gabrioletta Gonvertibile DC 4 Generalissimus J.V.S.
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TATRA DC I Swtlana Stalin
Gabriletta MAkara

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