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riday 13
Friday 13


Príspevok bez názvu

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BHL    White black hole

Hotel Atlantica Imperial 2020

White black hole

Prague is 13 Town in Europe with 1 300 000 inhabytans

posted Sep 3, 2020, 12:17 PM by Oleg Makara - Kalmáry

Praha 13

Oleg Makara-Kalmáry - author Angry 13 - born 13.10.1954 Sebrance - Black hole of Europe

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I am the state, Ludwig XIV declared on Friday 13, and the executioner executed him within 144 days... Štát som ja, prehlásil v piatok 13 Ludwig XIV, a do 144 dní ho kat popravil...

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Do 144 dní bol mŕtvy!
„L´Etat c´est moi" 
Zvuk Počujeme nahrávku z exekúcie!  
Trambo Zdá sa, šéf sa vracia! Crnda (smeje sa) 13.apríla v piatok 1655 Ľudovít 14, kráľ slnka,prehlásil štát som ja a 144 dni bol mrtvola!
Sollara  Kto ho zabil!
Szypkin O hlavu ho skrátil kat. 
Crnda  Kto ho zabil? On sam?!
From scipt . Anhry 13 - 2020

Ondřej Kolář - polititian Prague 6, TOP 09 born on friday 13.3.1964

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Backgroun for ACT №3

Prague 6 mayor urges EU to take action over alleged Russian assassination plot
"I ask and urge you to take decisive measures to make Russia clearly stated that such behavior is unacceptable," Prague 6 Mayor Ondřej Kolář appealed on Von der Leyen.
In an open letter to the chairwoman of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, Prague 6 Mayor Ondřej Kolář wrote that the European Union should condemn Russian attacks on EU member states. Kolář along with mayor of Prague-Řeporyje district Pavel Novotný and Prague mayor Zdeněk Hřib, are all under police protection due to information that the Russian agent who arrived in Prague allegedly with ricin poison presented a threat to their lives. For now, Czech intelligence services and Czech politicians say they are still investigating the claim. In a letter to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, Mayor of Prague 6 Ondřej Kolář also wrote that, according to him, Russia is waging a hybrid war against the EU and using Prague as the battlefield.Kolář further added that the removal of the statue of Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague 6 provoked an unwarranted reaction from the Russian Federation, which in response to the decision of Prague 6, reacted by "interference in the internal Affairs of Prague-6, Prague as such, and also in the whole of the Czech Republic."  Quelle LIDOVKY

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