ex-astronaut  criteria: cosmic experience, real success, no age or other limits

Vladimír Remek - cosmonaut *
Priorities: Vladimir is nominated to the project to avoid potential ethnic conflicts on board SS44s. 
* cosmonaut is former word for astronaut in Russian

Vladimir Remek's "flights" to cosmos 
 in Prague's laser show in October 2011
still considered as milestone event in Czech history
Born to Czech and Slovak parents. 
Symbol of former Czechoslovakia before splitting this satellite communist state in 2003 in two states: Czech republic & Slovakia.
First cosmonaut* out off CCCP and USA monopoly till he takes off in open space in 1975 from former CCCP. 
Vladimir Remek is MP of European Parliament for Czech Republic now, and he remains
to be a member of new communist party of Czech republic.


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