To: to Whom It May Concern
     From: crew of Space Shuttle SS44s 
               Place: space station UN 001  
22.May 2048
 A rocked named DESIRE 
Undersigned hereby submit an application for a permit to recover planet Earth for the following reasons: 
1. Between years 2014-2048 planet Earth disappeared. 
2. Secret ballot's record to the answer recover or not to recover planet Earth is 7:1:2 (YES:MAYBE:NO). According to given quorum it implies YES.
Application for permission to recover planet Earth     
Application                     Space Shuttle SS44s          Space Station UN 001    .
Click on the picture to enlarge           named DESIRE                 named NO NAME .......
Burnt remains of application from the year 2048 BC i.e. 44 AF

Helmet of SS44s' crew DESIRmission astronauts