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Clandestine mega space station H&M, the hugest (ilegal) cosmic construction build ever and renamed for comercial reasons, that not fill, dedicateed formerly to Steve Jobs, has a problem. Container with symbols of Statue of Liberty from Paris & silhouette of pop-art's king Andy Warhol from USA & Mikova on its pallet-wood cover blocks entrance to the basement and nuclear reactor. Courier, who secretly delivered the shipment, violates command not to use convenient shortcuts of pipeslines of toboggans, instead of standard stairs. As result of very little accident, an air escapes from courier's helmet and OS FICO III fills station with air and water earlier then it was planed. That starts station's history & our crazy tragi comedy as well. Crazy? Even iZerro quotes My-Lo:  
If you want tell the truth to Humankind, make it smile, otherwise they will kill you. The states. Not the USA. All states but one: Sit down please. Welcome to our cosmic trip. We are starting right now.
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